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i *heart* carbs

A Journal For Bread Lovers

I *heart* Carbs!
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Welcome to I ♥ Carbs!

The actual definition of carbs or carbohydrates is "chemical compounds that contain oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon atoms" [Wikipedia.Org]. That's not what I want this community to be about though! While carbs exist in almost all foods (including chocolate, eggs, and nuts) I want to focus on the joys of eating things like bread/pastries, pasta, and rice! [No talking about beer please! Alchohol is bad for the liver ;D]

You know that you love carbs when you run for the lunch cart or go to an asian bakery, and there are so many different types of bread! Yaki-soba bread... melon bread... curry bread... cream bread... pork chop bread... ham & cheese bread... yuuuummmmm~

Example Foodies:
Bagels, Bread, Cake, Cereal, Chips, Ciabatta, Crepes, Curry Rice, Donburi, Donuts, Mochi (rice cakes), Muffins, Noodles, Onigiri, Rice, Pancakes, Panini, Pasta, Pastries, Pies, Pizza, Ramen, Tortillas, Waffles


There are many other 'bread' communities that I adore out there, but this one will be more fun and visual than technical ^^; What I hope people will post is:

- Recipes
- Photographs
- Restaurant/Bakery recommendations/discussion
- Favorites Carby Foods! (Please post international types too!)
- Yakitate Japan! Discussion
- San-X merchandise/sightings
[KogePan, OMusubi-ya, Nyanko Cafe, Ginshari san]
- Other cute bready/ricey merchandise
- Recommended Links

Anything else is great too ^^ This is just a fun community for those who love carbs!